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All About 'REVER' Industries

At Rever Industries, we believe that a satisfied customer is the most viable strategy there is. Every solution that Rever provides is customer-centric. Instead of finding customers for our products, we chose the path of finding the aptest products that our customers may need.


The world of 3-dimensional printing is futuristic in itself and we have pioneered in the world with the ingenious ability to provide matchless standards of 3D printing filaments. We understand the journey that filaments live from being fed into the printer to being layered to form the final model and the challenges that may arise in the process. By identifying these, we have, in excruciating detail, studied and refined the quality of filaments to eliminate these challenges.

3D Printing Material

Who we are?

Businesses do not succeed overnight. They may start small but should start with the right set of equipment and resources to succeed.


Our constant effort is dedicated to helping brands materialize their vision efficiently with three-dimensional printing and the material it needs. The trust that our customers hold in us has helped us reach the skies because for us the sky is just the beginning. With deep and insightful research, our products turn out to be flawless in every aspect. Our flow of activities begins with the end in mind. We start by analyzing how the customer will benefit from our offerings and then go on to develop and provide just the same.


Envisioning things the way our customers may have helped us cater to every requirement, no matter how unique. Statistically speaking, our expansion from a presence just in Nashik to being the only manufacturer of 3D filaments who export to Europe and the U.S.A. speaks volumes about the incremental value we add.

We Design for Everyone

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Meet Our Team

Mr. Suyog Vispute

CEO & Founder

"Old ways don't open new doors." A thought that our CEO believes in strongly and drives the team towards becoming a better version of themselves with each passing day. He believes that the biggest competition we have is what we were yesterday. The only way to determine how successful we are is by measuring the distance from where we were to where we have reached today and its pace.

Mr. Anil Vispute

General Manager

With hands-on experience in the field, Mr. Anil contributes to the growth of the company by bringing in a fresh perspective. He has a proven track record of driving exceptional results by motivating the team with his contemporary approach.


Portrait of Businesswoman
Ms. Pooja Khadangale

International BDE

Spreading the word about Rever Industries and qualifying leads from across the seas is the main function that Pooja masters at. She stays highly invested until the client achieves the progress they determine. Being able to source partnerships that scale is always her goal. The energy she brings into the team with a zeal to talk to new people and understand their requirements just right is paramount to the success of our company.

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