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Filament Development


As specialists for filament research, development and additive manufacturing, we analyze your application in order to fully understand your system needs, provide a fast track feasibility test and make you an offer based on the lessons learned and your requirements. Afterwards we are always there for further support.

Our approach:


  • Analyze your current production process and future vision

  • Identify application needs and support

  • Make a feasibility study

  • Make an offer for you to calculate the Return on Investment (ROI)

  • Production of your (white label) filament

  • Further support and aftercare

Even today, 3D printing and filament development seems accessible only to few. Our experts review your process and propose solutions for the use cases with the best Return on Investment (ROI). We show you the answer!

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Custom materials

Our company core values are the key ingredient to create the boldest of custom materials available in the market. It’s not just the materials we carefully select, or the equipment we use, but rather the mindset which fuels the success of our projects. We are eager to learn, passionate and courageous.

With a vast experience in compounding, extrusion, injection molding, material characterization and 3D printing, we’re ready to meet your challenges head-on!


Innovation is key at colorFabb. Back in 2013, we started our very first product PLA/PHA, a unique blend of two bio plastics to make the PLA less brittle. Every effort has been made ever since to make sure even the standard products are enhanced to give the best performance. From bronzeFill to DPA-100 support material, our dedication to creating the best possible 3D printing filament has never stopped and will always be the foundation of our company.

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